Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Burly Maple

oil on canvas
10 x 12

This is a painting I did out in our woods this Fall. It's hard to remember green and warmth after all the cold and snow we've had! On a good note, the cross country skiing has been superb, I was just out making trails through the prairie and enjoying all the animal tracks. We have seven red-winged blackbirds that have been hanging around - they should be way down south by now, and I worry about them in this sub-zero weather. I just added a new web-site to my list of sites I like - my friend Sue does wonderful nature photography, you can see her work at

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Pete Hautman said...

I like this. It has a curious property - it looks like a photo at first, then half a second later it visually deconstructs to become a painting. If I look away, then back at it, it becomes a photo again, but only for a moment. Cool effect.