Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Watercolor Kit

I thought I would show one of the main "tools"  I have been using on this trip - something I think everyone should have, artist or not.  (also would make a great gift)  This small watercolor kit is just slightly larger than a cell phone and has it all - paints, mixing surfaces, water holder and brush, you just need to add paper.  I also use two collapsable brushes for size variety.  Very easy to throw in a fanny pack or purse, great when you want to hike a ways and get some studies done.  I have been using a small 4x6 japanese accordian  watercolor sketchbook which a friend gave me,  I love that it's compact but has lots of pages.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Black tailed Jackrabbit

These Jackrabbits come by to visit every dawn and dusk,  I love watching them -  very high cuteness factor!  Walking in the desert I come upon holes, divots, scratchings, trails, tracks, tunnels, piles, depressions...  who/what is making all the marks!?
"The fairy-footed, ground-inhabiting, furtive, small folk of the rainless regions"
 - Mary Austin
I went to Tucson for a few days, saw the Maynard Dixon show at the Tucson Museum - fantastic.  I had a great time with my friends Susan and Greg, who are both extremely talented and creative, check out their sites:  gardeninginsights.com  and picasaweb.google.com/sfehlow. We went for  a hike in Florida canyon one day, I saw so many new and incredible birds with the help of friend Rich Hoyer, who is one of the most amazing birders + all around naturalist I've ever met.

Monday, February 9, 2009

View out my front door

Just wanted to share the view out my door.  Went for a long hike the other day and above 8ooo ft there was snow!  I have been doing a lot of sketching and taking photos;  just started with the oils today.   Anyone who is interested in the birdxbird show that I will be in, here is a link to an e-vite     birdxbird.org/2009.   I hope some of you can make it, it looks like a great event!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Southwest trip photos

On the drive down my mind was zooming and I thought of so many things that I wanted to write about when I got down here...  but now that I am here my thoughts have all paled in comparison to the still beauty of this place.  Here are some photos:
Art - Three Rivers Petroglyphs, NM
Dunes - White Sands National Monument, NM   I was so affected by this place, I spent 5 hrs walking the dunes, a stark otherworldliness.
Desert Cottage - yes, satellite.   I don't even have that at home!