Monday, November 29, 2010


charcoal on paper
16 x 20

I have been reading a wonderful book, called Letters On Cezanne, by Rilke. It contains many letters that he wrote to his wife one Fall in 1907 when he was in Paris. At that time there was a large exhibition of Cezanne's work; Rilke "discovered" this and went nearly every day, spending hours with the paintings. These letters are a beautiful portrait of the close relationship he had with his wife, as well as intimate looks at both Rilke and Cezanne. Walking and absorbing Paris, he writes:

" These are the days when everything is all around you, luminous, light, barely intimated in the bright air and yet distinct; even what is nearest has the tones of distance..."

I have some work in the Holiday show at the Lake Pepin art and Design Center in Pepin, WI. The show will run from November 26 - December 31; stop by if you are in the area.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Hills Evening

Charcoal on paper
16 x 20

When asked why he paints what he paints, artist Neil Welliver responded:
"I have no idea, no verbal answer to that. I am interested in flora and fauna, in the topology and topography. So I do a lot of mindless rambling through the woods. Then I have a sense of place. It feels right, something engages me."


Monday, November 8, 2010

Black Hills Pines

charcoal on paper
15 x 18

I have been working on charcoals that were influenced by my recent trip to the Badlands and Black Hills of South Dakota. I loved wandering around the woods looking up at the incredibly tall Lodge Pole (?) pines. Sometimes a piece may be as much about the sound as the visual aspect, really about the total experience of being there.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sky Pesher

I have just spent the last hour and a half trying to load a video of my favorite work of art at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the Sky Pesher by James Turell. I have been unsuccessful thus far, so am posting this image of the view from inside the piece. I wanted to post this because I am surprised by how few local people know of it's existence. It is located behind the Walker, basically over the underground parking lot. It is an amazing sanctuary-space, and really has to be experienced firsthand to be appreciated. The slabs of rock that make up the benches are heated in the winter! Check it out.