Sunday, December 20, 2009

Prairie after Snow

I just returned from a hike through the prairie, it is beautiful with snow-caps on the grasses. Above is a photo I took. The other day I was out in the prairie looking across the tawny-ochre swatch on a still day. Something caught my eye and I looked but saw nothing. I kept looking and finally I detected very slight movement at the top of some grass, still I couldn't make anything out. Then two little tawny colored points poked up about an inch above the grass and I could make out the tips of Buck antlers! It held still for a few moments then the antlers slowly sunk out of sight.

This photo will have to fill in for the Holiday cards that I did not get out this year -
Happy Holidays to all and thank you all for your support through the year!

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Mary Logue said...

Very nice photo. Almost like a painting. I especially like what appears to be the silos in the background. The grass looks like insects, alive.