Monday, November 30, 2009

A photo, a painting, a poem

North Shore Rocks
oil on board
6 x 8

A photo of me painting at the North Shore of Lake Superior last month. Thank you my friend and fellow painter, Barbara McIlrath, for taking my photo unbeknownst to me. A small rock study I did of the shore, wet and dry rocks. And finally, a poem by my sister Mary. She has a beautiful new book of poetry out, published by Mid-List press. It's titled Hand Work.

Turner's Paintings

It's all about light,
how it glances off water,
gets caught up in mist,
careens around objects,
tumbles through clouds.

Yes, I know there are ships,
but they are only there
to give the light


Mary Logue said...

Thank you for including my poem. What a nice surprise. Wonderful painting of stones. Makes me want to hold them.

mvi said...

excellent work photo to painting

mvi said...

good work photo to painting