Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Prairie sunset

I went for a sunset walk up in the prairie last evening. Most of the grasses are well over my head now, and some of the big bluestem is 8-9 feet tall!

I have been working on an artists statement in preparation for the upcoming show. I think most artists would agree it is an incredibly difficult thing to write. I came upon this statement by artist Joshua Bronaugh that really intrigued me:

"I love having bruises that I can touch throughout the day to instigate memory.
Sometimes the bruise is a broken lip; sometimes exhaustion; sometimes the way light falls on skin.
Painting is touching the bruise."

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Kathy Hodge said...

I love the photo, and certainly know what you mean about writing the dreaded artist statement. I found a little tool that could help though, and posted it here

Good luck with the statement and the show. I agree the cows should be in it!