Monday, September 20, 2010

Dark Clouds

Charcoal on Paper
15" x 20"

I have been sort of obsessed with charcoal this summer, it feels so direct and physical to work with. My last 12 pieces have all been of trees and sky, the transition or meeting of the two... some thought tracks are: earth/sky; body/soul; grounded/free; limited/infinite. Another track is that I am always looking at the tree branches to see birds, and cannot help but love the silhouette and pattern of branches against sky, on a purely sensate level.

"The frothing of the hedges
I keep deep inside of me."
- Jean Wahl

1 comment:

Sherri Quinn said...

I love Dark Clouds! I didn't see any charcoal drawings at the fall art tour. I'd like to see your charcoals in person. It looks like a photograph.