Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Water Study - Lake Waconia

Charcoal on paper
11 x 14

I love the abstract quality of water, the way blobs of light and color break away and re-form. One of my favorite things to do is go canoeing; it is a great way to be quiet and intimate with nature, to be able to go places that would otherwise be out of reach. Living in Minnesota I am surrounded by lakes, ponds, rivers, swamps.... As much as I have been avoiding news of the gulf oil spill, it's hard to avoid that painful reality. I guess I have been thinking of water, vulnerability, transience.

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Mary Logue said...

I've been studying your blog and I noticed that the first charcoal drawing was of one of your photos from Alaska. Two comments: one, I think you should do a charcoal drawing with the polar bear in it and two, did you draw the Lake Waconia one from a photo also? I just love the loose pattern of diamonds in that one.