Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bird Banding Workshop

I just returned from a week long intensive bird banding workshop.  I stayed all week at one of the most comfortable field stations - definitely the only pink one - that I have ever been to.  The location was in Virginia at Environmental Studies on the Piedmont,, and the workshop was put on by The Institute For Bird Populations,  I know more about molt limits, skull pneumaticization, and formative plumage than I ever realized possible - and I still have a ton to learn.  It was truly amazing to have a variety of species alive and up close to study.  It made me appreciate and revere birds  all the more.
On the last evening the head Bee Keeper took us into an Apiary and talked to us about their hives, another great experience!  The last photo is what the last morning of banding looked like from our banding station.  If you are ever in the area of Warrenton, Virginia, I highly recommend visiting.

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Hi Dodie,

Sounds like a great experience and cool place!