Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My View

This is the view out my window for the next few months! I just drove down to SE Arizona with my cat Moby as sidekick. I made it in record time - (thank you Elle for the great gift of lectures on my ipod) Moby didn't like stopping and I figured out how to use a tennis ball on my hamstrings and seat while driving to release tight muscles. If anyone has sciatic pain while distance driving this is an amazing help. During my drive the moon was a wonderful guide in the dark of dawn and dusk, blazing the westward way. My plan is to start exploring some new things in paint. This equals a high risk of failure and a high probability of no posts of my work, but I am sure to come up with other interesting things to post while I am down here.

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Cynthia said...

Dodie, Such a courageous and creative act! It does take a kicking to get out and allow yourself to be challenged, not assured of the outcome. Enjoy the risks and the rewards!