Monday, February 14, 2011

Southwest - My view

I am in the southwest for my annual winter sojourn. The views in all directions from my place are spectacular - it's hard to get working because all I want to do is sit and look, absorb. I was talking to my artist friend Harriet about this and she gave wonderful advice, she said

"You are living in the painting. Be that."

I received some good news last week, I have been accepted into an art group called PAN - It is a group of Minnesota and Wisconsin artists who share a combined interest in art and nature/conservancy. Check out the site for more information. The group puts on a couple of shows a year, I will be posting upcoming information on my Blog.


Mary Logue said...

Nice to see where you are. Looks like a tiny bit of snow at the very top. Our snow in MN is melting away, day by day.

Amy Hautman said...

You just need some time to thaw out.

It calms me just to think of you soaking in that peace.