Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 Federal Duck Stamp Contest

Jim's first place design

Bob's second place entry

This past Friday and Saturday the annual Federal Duck Stamp Contest was held out in Berkley, CA. This year the five eligible species were Brant, Canada Goose, Ruddy Duck, Northern Shoveler, and Greater White-fronted Goose. After the second round, my husband Bob was tied for first place with his brother Jim (Hautman). Jim ended up winning in the tie-breaker, Bob got second. Every year Duck Stamp sales raise over 25 million dollars, most of which go directly for conservation of critical habitat. Duck Stamps are available at your post office ($15.) and in addition to helping conservation you get something beautiful.
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ann said...

Hi Dodie, I was scrolling through the amazing artwork on your blog and noticed the Duck stamp art at the bottom. I went high school with Bob. I have been admiring his wildlife art for years. -Ann Popadiuk Larson (PAN4)