Monday, February 16, 2009

Black tailed Jackrabbit

These Jackrabbits come by to visit every dawn and dusk,  I love watching them -  very high cuteness factor!  Walking in the desert I come upon holes, divots, scratchings, trails, tracks, tunnels, piles, depressions...  who/what is making all the marks!?
"The fairy-footed, ground-inhabiting, furtive, small folk of the rainless regions"
 - Mary Austin
I went to Tucson for a few days, saw the Maynard Dixon show at the Tucson Museum - fantastic.  I had a great time with my friends Susan and Greg, who are both extremely talented and creative, check out their sites:  and We went for  a hike in Florida canyon one day, I saw so many new and incredible birds with the help of friend Rich Hoyer, who is one of the most amazing birders + all around naturalist I've ever met.

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