Sunday, January 25, 2009

Screech Owl photo

I finally got a photo of the little screech owl that hangs out in our woods.  I can see this hole in a big maple tree from the path where I walk, if I'm lucky the little bird is out sunning herself between 10 - 11 am.  I first saw an owl in this hole in  Fall 2005, and have seen one every year since.  Not sure if its the same one, and not sure if they nest there....  every time I see it the day takes on an auspicious quality!
As some of you know I leave this week for the southwest where I will spend the month of February.  I will be in a remote area between Arizona and New Mexico, about an hour N. of Mexico, by the Chiricahua Mountains.   Many people have asked me why this area.   It is quiet and pristine, not very populated and has unique birds.  Also possibly the darkest night sky in the lower 48.   Out of the 7 life zones in N. America, it has 5:
-Lower Sonoran (desert)
-Upper Sonoran ( chapparal, woodland slopes above 4500 ft)
-Transition  ( ponderosa pine above 7000 ft)
-Canadian life Zone  (fir/aspen above 8000 ft)
-Hudsonian  (Spruce/fir above 9500 ft)
The two zones it is lacking are Tropical and Arctic.   For a painter who loves being out in the natural world this is heaven!  I will be keeping up with my Blog on the trip and will post photos of things I encounter.


Anonymous said...

Cool picture. The hole in the tree is a wonder in itself.

Can't wait to hear snippets from your trip.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dodie I've caught up on your site...always enjoy it. pm

Birder-Naturalist Extraordinaire said...

Hey Dodie,

I love your blog too, the photos and the art. What a great place to showcase your talents. Now you have two daytime owls! I'll send my (bad) photo when I get a chance. Great to meet you yesterday.